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How long does it take to fit a carpet?

Carpets will rarely take longer than expected to fit. More often than not they are pretty straight forward for an experienced carpet fitter. Depending on the layout and size of the room the times can vary so give us a call to find out how long it might take.

What is a carpet pile?

A carpet pile is just the length of the carpet fibres. A short pile refers to a carpet with shorter fibres which can make the carpet seem harder under-foot. A long pile carpet will often feel more luxurious and softer under-foot. The pile length is measured from the surface of the carpet to the backing.

Can I fit a carpet myself?

If you’re asking how easy is it to fit a carpet, it’s not as easy as you’d like to think! The easiest room are those that are just a square, but often a room will have an alcove or it might be oddly shaped which makes it harder.
In any case, it is best to leave it to the pros if you’d like a perfect fit, they have the specialist tool and more importantly, the knowledge and experience needed.

How to clean a carpet

A carpet from us is nice and simple to look after, it just needs to be clean regularly. Vacuuming is the first port of call to make sure the carpet last as long as possible, you can even use a carpet cleaning kit if you’ve spilt something on it.

Is underlay necessary for carpet?

In short, not always. But it completely depends on the carpet that you’ve purchased. If it’s a nice high pile made of good quality material, then you might just be okay. But if it’s a shorter pile, maybe made of Nylon then underlay is a worthwhile investment!

What is the best material for carpets?

You can choose from Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon or Wool. While wool is often more expensive, it is worth the investment due to the quality and feels of the carpet underfoot. Polypropylene is a budget carpet that is made of non-organic fibres. While it does cost less it doesn’t hold up to the same quality as a wool carpet.

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