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What are Perfect fit blinds?

Perfect fit blinds are a type of blind that sits flush to your windows in order to create a seamless effect on all sides. They require no drilling, holes or fixtures to achieve the effect which makes them so desirable. They have no impact upon the function of the window or door either. Which mean you can open and close them without worrying about the blinds. The blinds will fit in between the glass and frame of the window to ensure full coverage.

Will perfect fit blinds fit my windows?

Whether or not perfect fit blinds will fit your windows will depend entirely upon the type of windows that you have. While most houses will have uPVC or aluminium window frames, some have wooden frames which might make it harder to fit. Give us a call on 0115 944 4933 to find out if they fit your windows.

How do you measure perfect fit blinds?

You need to make sure that your windows and doors are suitable for perfect fit blinds first. After you’re happy that you can hang perfect fit blinds you need to measure the glass in the window. You need to make sure that you take 3 horizontal (top, middle and bottom) measurements and 3 vertical measurements (left, middle and right). This is to ensure that you’re cutting the right amount of material for the blind to cover the entire window.

Do perfect fit blinds cause condensation?

Perfect fit blinds don’t actually cause condensation. There is a myth that they do simply because they sit close to the window, however, the blinds do not block any air circulation and therefore don’t cause condensation.

Do wood blinds fade?

Wooden blinds might end up fading over time. This is usually the case only in high-UV areas due to the fact that UV exposure is what causes the blinds to be affected.

What are neat fit blinds?

Neat fit blinds are designed in such a way as to make everything look like it was one single product. They are ideal if you’re trying to achieve a minimalist look without needing to drill holes or use tricky fixings. Call us on 0115 944 4933 to find out more about our neat fit blinds range. We manufacture all of our blinds in-house so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality.

What are venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are a horizontal style of blind that will usually run the width of a window or door. This style of blinds offers a lovely way to make a window look wider than it is and give the perception of more space. They pivot on a string that allows them to twist shut or be pulled up out of the way entirely.

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